16 Modern Geniuses Who Might’ve Just Did Something

When people inspire us, we can end up feeling a personal connection with them. This is why we’re told never to meet them because we’ll only be disappointed.

But not everyone who influences us ends up on this pedestal. I mean, it doesn’t matter if the guy who invented the taco did horrible things in his spare time, right?

The people on this list have hit exactly that sweet spot.

1. Gotta say, this would inspire some serious confidence in the dentist’s mad skillz.
I kind of love the suggestion that having messed up teeth was Gollum’s biggest problem, though. Like the ring can only corrupt you if you’ve got gingivitis.

2. I guess this is one way to make sure you’re always on time for work.
Still, wouldn’t it just be easier to move your alarm clock across the room so you have to get up? Maybe it’s intended for sleepwalkers.

3. With hundreds of years of exam stress under our belts, how are we just now coming up with this idea?
I guess the 15-minute limit might seem a little harsh, but I imagine the line to this area would build up pretty quickly.

4. I gotta hand it to these guys. They definitely know how to work with what they have.
I’m looking back to every time I had a costume with some annoying part that kept falling off and realizing I needed to think more like them.

5. I guess this teaches us that we can acknowledge that a homie just did something without really understanding why.
I feel like figuring out why someone went to what was probably a lot of trouble to sew up a grape will only kill the magic.

6. Haha, this is probably the best way to keep people from probing into what really happened.
Because unless you’re one of those weirdos like me who actually likes spiders, the automatic response is pretty much gonna be, “Understandable, have a nice day.”

7. Well, I suppose I now know what to do if I ever want a whole theater to myself.
If this idea catches on, I have a feeling we’re gonna get the highest grossing movie that nobody’s ever seen.

8. I feel like every language class should have a unit on slang for this exact reason.
Because as great as it is to know where the library is, you really don’t wanna be the last to know what everybody finna do.

9. Well, either way, this is definitely something to be proud of.
Sure, having a butt that looks like a wizard may not have any practical applications, but I also can’t really say I’d turn it down.

10. Well, if other artists get to sign their work, why should tattoo artists get left out in the cold?
Although I guess this tattoo might not be the best promotion since all it gets across is “I can draw a heart shape.”

11. This man makes an excellent point. If your accessories aren’t delicious, then why even have them?
You know, it takes a true fashion icon to see their fridge as just another closet. I can’t see him being a big hit at restaurants, though.

12. And here we have yet another reason why real G’s move in silence like lasagna.
I mean, you can take your chances that no luminaries in the field of pettiness will be listening in, but that’s not really a risk I’m willing to take.

13. Shout-out to this guy for reminding us that the classroom isn’t the only place where chalk is an educational tool.
Coloring outside the lines may make you a free spirit, but parking like that just makes you a collector of fine key scratches.

14. No matter how hard festival security tries, there’s always a way to avoid paying $11 per drink at the beer tent.
Sure, it wasn’t very piratey of him to go with vodka instead of rum, but the treasure map makes up for it.

15. Sorry, pranksters, but according to this person, you’ve been thinking too small all along.
That is, unless y’all can explain how covering your coworker’s desk in duct tape is gonna disappoint archaeologists 100 years from now.

Yeah, didn’t think so.

16. Yeah, it’s not often you can sum everything up in nine words and still find room to be polite.
Hell, that was 19 and I pretty much just used all of those words to say “I like this.”