Man Eats Only Potatoes For A Year, Shares Photos Of What Happened To His Body

While many of us might still be waiting to hear news of a successful all pizza diet, an Australian man has gotten us one step closer after eating nothing but potatoes for a whole year and losing almost one third of his body weight.

Andrew Flinders Taylor, a teacher and father of two from Melbourne, was “obese, depressed,” and a “hopeless food addict.” So, in 2016 he challenged himself to go on an all potato diet as a way to combat his addiction to food.

Andrew announced the challenge via YouTube last year:

By the end of the challenge Taylor had lost 120lbs and had redefined his relationship with food.

“Make your food boring and your life interesting” says Taylor in one of his videos.

After the success of his challenge, Taylor started Spudfit and shares his story in hopes of inspiring others looking to follow in his footsteps.

You can view some of his Facebook posts below:

While Taylor stresses that it’s important for each person to do their own research, he also continues to challenge experts who caution that highly restrictive diets can lead to missing out on key nutrients.

“I’m getting over 600 per cent of my daily iron retirements and over 400 per cent of vitamin c as well as heaps of fiber – all things that so-called experts have said I’d be low in today. The only thing of concern was calcium, potatoes have calcium but maybe not enough. To be sure I’m using a calcium fortified organic soy milk to make mashed potatoes.”

These days Taylor eats closer to what nutritionists recommend, a more balanced plant based diet that still includes potatoes. Though Taylor experienced no side effects, diets that severely restrict fat and protein can have harmful effects like fatigue, so doctors recommend lean protein like chicken or fish and a wide variety of nutrient dense foods.